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Salvador Aguilera López

Holy Week in the Iconography of the Byzantine Tradition

José Luis Alonso Ponga

Representation of Holy Week in Castille

Victoria Botí

Representation of Holy Week in the Mediterranean Region

Rafael Briones

Popular Catholicism and the private sphere

Ignazio E. Buttitta

Brotherhoods in Italy. Special focus on representation in Sicily

Brenda Carranza

Perspective of popular religiosity in Latin America

Daniel Cuesta

Representation of Holy Week in Spain

Paolo Di Lazzaro

The man of the Shroud of Turin. Certainties and lines of research

Elisa Estévez

The role of women in the stories of the Passion

Mons. Rino Fisichella

Popular religiosity as a source of evangelization

Carlos Gil Arbiol

Historical-theological analysis of secondary figures in the Passion

Emilio López Navas

Approach to the historical context of the Passion

Juan Márquez Fernández

The Virgin of El Rocío in popular religiosity

Isidoro Moreno

An anthropological approach to popular religiosity

Jose María Ribas Alba

Legal analysis of the judicial proceedings against Christ

Alfonso Sánchez

Medical-forensic approach to the agony and death of Christ

Mons. Melchor Sánchez de Toca y Alameda

Movements in popular religiosity

Juan Antonio Sánchez López

A matter of character: Secondary figures in the Passion and graphic codes in processional sculpture

Teresa Eleazar Serrano Espinosa

Brotherhoods in Mexico. Special focus on the Virgin of Guadalupe

Danilo Zardin

Confraternities in Central Europe

IV International Conference of Brotherhoods and Fraternities

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