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Danilo Zardin

Confraternities in Central Europe

Director of the Research Center, Department Head.

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. Faculty of Education. Modern history. Milan Campus. The Mario Romani Department of Economic and Social History and Geographical Sciences

My research and teaching activities are focused on European social structures during the "Ancien Régime" and on the personalities of its cultural world. I am particularly interested in the religious traditions and in its institutional underpinnings. My main field of research is Milan and Lombardy in the early modern age, starting from the sixteenth century to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

I also coordinate research groups and projects, Ph.D. courses, and post-graduate courses in the fields of history and literature.

External collaborations: Ambrosiana Academy (studies on Borromaici), Maccarrone Foundation for the History of the Church in Italy, Foundation for Subsidiarity.

IV International Conference of Brotherhoods and Fraternities

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